Marvelle Learns How To Fly- A Bedtime Story

There once was a little girl named Marvelle, she was a very special little girl. She had a mom and dad who loved her very much. She was going to learn how to fly. Not every little girl had parents who knew how to fly, but other people’s parents had other special magic abilities like invisibility or being able to jump really high or swim without having to come up for air.

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Marvelle was very excited to learn to fly. Some people used the sink or swim method to teach their flight school, but not Marvelle’s. Her parents thought that it was too intimidating to take someone to the top of a building and expect them to jump off. So they taught it a different way, well more like in a different location.

They would rent out the local swimming pool for their flight school. The swimming pool was great because it had a high dive. This, thought Marvelle’s parents, was the perfect way to teach someone to fly.

“To learn to fly, all you have to do is to climb all the way up to the top of the high dive and jump off. Even if you don’t fly you will just land in the water and splash around and then you can try again!”

they instructed Marvelle and the other students.

On her first lesson, Marvelle decided to give it a try.

“I’m ready for this,”

she thought as she climbed to the top of the high dive.

Once she was at the top she ran and jumped at the edge of the board. Marvelle soared into the air. Whirling and twirling through the air, going fast, flipping and spinning through the air, Marvelle was really flying! She flew past buildings, besides trees, and under bridges. She looked back and saw that her parents were flying behind her. She turned forward and kept soaring through the air, she felt like a sunbeam her happiness felt like it was shining through her body!

Her parents called out,

“Marvelle, you are great! Keep flying!”

And she spun around in the air and flew back and said,

“This is great I can not wait to tell everyone at flying school how much fun this is!”

and she flew into flight school and landed on both of her feet right next to the high dive. The other students gathered around and Marvelle said,


and she watched as a few of her friends soared off of the high dive, and she said,

“I’m flying home now! Thanks for teaching me how to fly!”

Marvelle flew home that day, and now Marvelle flys almost everywhere she goes, she has so much fun and is happy to fly around. She knows her gift is special and she knows she is special too!

The End.

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