Saving Cookies for Tywalng- Bedtime Story

This is the first bedtime story that I wrote in the original 100 bedtime stories that I wrote for this blog. The following story features a superhero, an animal, and tells of how an old lady saves a town.

Once upon a time, there was an old lady who really loved baking cookies. One day she went to the market and there was no flour. The old woman did not know what to do, the batch of cookies that she was going to make was supposed to be very special.

Her daughter was a superhero and she was going to come to town that evening. She was flying all the way from her superhero planet just to spend the night protecting the town from the monthly attack on the fields.

Each month where she lived there was a big animal who was similar to an anteater or a honey bear, except this animal was very big and had an extremely long snout like an elephant except much bigger. And this animal was called a Tywalng.

He lived in a big cave underneath the lake outside of the village. He could swim too, which is how he got home. He was like a bear because once he came in the village and sucked up all the crops from the field and bread from the groceries and any yummy pastries and all the movie theaters popcorn, he would be so full that he would sleep for a whole month until he decided he was hungry again. Then the town wouldn’t have too much food.

So this old lady called her daughter from planet Uno to come and protect then from Tywalng. The old lady was so worried because the only thing her daughter had asked for in return from saving the town was a batch of her homemade cookies.

Well of course when the lady went to the market and was told there wasn’t any flour she was really worried. She almost started crying right there in the store. The man at the front desk asked her what is the matter, old lady? And she told him exactly what was wrong. He was upset too because he knew that Tywalng was coming for his groceries that very night!! So he did some real hustlin’ and bustlin’ around that old store till finally he found one last spare bag of flour, saved up in the very back in a box. He told the old lady he was very happy he found it and he wanted to try her cookie recipe sometime. Then the old lady said yes she would let him try the cookies one day and she left and went right home to make the cookies.

When the old ladies daughter showed up that night she did a great job protecting the town from Tywalng and he didn’t get the town’s food. After she saved the town the old lady gave her a great big batch of cookies and she said thanks and gave her mom a big hug and flew back to her planet, until the next month when Tywalng would try to come to eat all their food again.

The End.

Saving Cookies for Tywalng a bedtime story from the Bedtime Stories for Brighid Blog Read this and more on the blog

I hope you liked this story, remember, telling bedtime stories to your child is a great opportunity to spend time with them and help them feel more comforted before going to sleep.

It’s usually helpful to create a nighttime routine before going to bed that you can follow each night. This helps your child to sleep through the night.


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