Seaweed The Mermaid and Her Friend Waverunner

This story features a mermaid named Seaweed who gets lost at sea and tells how her friend rushes to her rescue. This is the fourth story in the original collection of 100 bedtime stories featured on the website.

Once upon a time, there was a mermaid who lived in the ocean. Every day she swam around and had a lot of fun. Her name was Seaweed. She had long beautiful hair the color of the corals and eyes that looked like twinkling stars. She found a lot of fun places to go in the ocean. There were always new caverns, lots of waves and other mermaids and mermen to hang out with.

seaweed the mermaid and her friend waver runner. This story is baout a mermaid that gets lost at sea. From the bedtime stories for brighid blog.

One day Seaweed got lost under the ocean. She went into a lagoon off the side of the shore and there was a turn that she missed and a few too many rocks and she couldn’t remember how to get back through them. So one of her best mermaid friends told Waverunner, a merman, that she could not find Seaweed.

The mermaid asked Waverunner,

“Would you please go rescue Seaweed, I don’t know where she is and I am scared that she is lost or something bad has happened to her, because we were supposed to sunbathe together this afternoon, and she didn’t meet me!”

Waverunner said,

“Yes I am going to go rescue Seaweed, but do you know which way she went?”

Seaweed’s friend said,

” I thought that she was going to a lagoon off the coast of the seashore or something.”

Then Waverunner said,

“Ohhh yeh, I remember her telling me that the other day when we were splashing together by the rocks!”

Waverunner took off, faster than most of the fish and diving in and out of the waves, he knew exactly where Seaweed went. On his way there he looked all around him, even though he was swimming fast, he looked at the rocks, he checked out the coral and he counted the caves.

He scoured the ocean floor for shipwrecks and anything that would help him make sure he knew how to get him and Seaweed home again. He burst into the lagoon on a wave, and smiled really big when he saw Seaweed, and called out

“I’m here to rescue you Seaweed!”

Seaweed was laying on the rock sunbathing, she took the seaweed off of her eyes she had been using to keep the sun out of her eyes and shouted back,

“Waverunner I love you, thank you for rescuing me!!!”

Waverunner replied,

“Well what are friends for?!- Now let’s go home!!”

And they left together passing all the rocks and caverns, and went back to having fun all the time!

The End.

Seaweed the Mermaid and her Friend Wave Runner- A Bedtime Story from the Bedtime stories for brighid blog. Featuring over 100 bedtime stories, pareting articles and travel posts.

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