The Enchanted Dressmakers Dresses- A Bedtime Story

This bedtime story features a dressmaker who sales enchanted dresses that take the wearer anywhere in the world. Until one day the dressmaker has no more customers… This is the fifth story in the original 100 bedtime stories that were featured on this website.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who sold the most beautiful dresses. They were magic dresses. Every time someone put on a dress they would go to a different country. The dresses looked like the country that that specific dress would take them to. Some of the dresses looked just like France and they would take whoever wore the dress right to the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Some of the dresses looked like India, and whoever wore that dress would be magically transported to the steps of the Taj Mahal. Other dresses featured scenes from China, and putting on one of these would send a person into the very middle of the Forbidden City!

These enchanted dresses take you anywhere in the world, but the dress maker can't figure out where her customers have gone! Read this and more bedtime stories on the Bedtime Stories for Brighid blog.

The woman had such amazing and pretty dresses for sale, but something was wrong! The woman didn’t understand why her business had been slow. It seemed like she would sit all day in her shop filled with beautiful dresses and no one would come inside.

“What on earth is going on here!?”

she thought,

“This is so confusing!”

She decided to walk outside her shop and see if there was something outside causing the customers to not come inside.

Once she got outside and stood there for a few minutes she noticed that all the townspeople passing by were walking on the other side of the street, and some people were walking past very quickly.

“They look like they are afraid of my shop!!” she thought.

She walked up to someone nearby her on the street and she asked,

“Why are they avoiding my shop? My dresses are so beautiful!”

The person looked slightly frightened, but responded to the woman,

“The reason they are avoiding your shop mam’, is because everyone who goes into the front door of your shop never comes out the same way, in fact no one has ever seen someone exit your shop at all!”

The lady thought for a minute and said,

“Oh I understand, do not worry.”

These enchanted dresses take you anywhere in the world, but the dressmaker can't figure out where her customers have gone? Read this and more bedtime stories on the Bedtime Stories for Brighid blog

The next day the woman was outside removing the sign which read, ‘Beautiful Dresses for Sale’ and putting up a new sign which read, ‘Travel Agency’ Then the woman’s business got much better, people were always coming to buy her beautiful dresses and travel to the gorgeous places that the dresses would take them to.

People enjoyed visiting the lady and told her of their travels all over the world. She heard tales of the most beautiful places and made more friends than ever before. She lived happily ever after.

The End.

These dresses can take you anywhere in the world, but why has the dressmaker run out of customers? Read this and more bedtime stories on the Bedtime Stories for Brighid Blog and find articles on parenting, travel and holidays.

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