The Pink Prayer Candle- A Bedtime Story

This is the third bedtime story in the original collection of 100 bedtime stories featured on this blog. This bedtime story is about a princess who throws a big party for her friends and how she meets her prince charming.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She lived in a faraway land called Candleland.

The Pink Candle is a bedtime story from the bedtime stories for brighid blog, which features 100 bedtime stories, other fiction and parenting articles

In Candleland it was normal for all of the townspeople to light candles every night and say their prayers. They knew that their prayers would be answered. For each type of prayer, they would use a special color like pink for finding their love or purple for happiness and green to help their plants grow.

They always had a special place to light their candles and say their prayers, sometimes this was in their rooms, and sometimes the families had a special place in their home where they all said their prayers together.

One day the princess decided to throw a party for all of her friends.

At the party, they had lots of fun and they had very special party cakes and cupcakes.

The Pink Candle is a bedtime story on the bedtime stories for brighid blog which features over a hundred bedtime stories, other fiction and parenting articles

There were lots of fun animals there like horses and dogs and cats and even some ponies and birds. She was so happy because everyone that she knew in the town had come to her party. She planned everything right down to a T and had such a fun time.

One of the people gave the princess a very special pink candle to help her find her prince charming. After she lit the candle and said her prayers the very next day her prince charming appeared and they fell in love and lived happily ever after.

The End.

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