Mommy Blogger Opportunities on Bloglovin and Activate for Influencers

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What is Bloglovin and Why Should You Join?

Bloglovin is a great place to find blogs you’ll love and manage the blogs you already read. You can see a feed from blogs that you really enjoy reading. You’ll see a list of posts from bloggers and can click to read more. Then you’ll be able to read them right inside the Bloglovin app. Plus Bloglovin has a special opportunity for bloggers who want to connect with brands, Activate for Influencers, is a program that helps you to monetize your mommy blog.

Find New Bloggers

The way bloglovin’ organizes blogs is basically by topics, this makes it super easy to find other blogs in your niche or niches that you’re interested in. They have a bunch of different categories, including DIY & Crafts, Lifestyle, and Fitness among many other popular blogging topics.

Mommy Blogger Community

There’s a great mommy blogger community on Bloglovin’ and there are a ton of good parenting bloggers to follow and find great tips, tricks, and advice from. Also when you join bloglovin and Activate, you’ll become able to work with brands that specifically look for mommy bloggers.

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Write Unique Posts

Bloglovin also allows you to write unique posts that people won’t be able to find elsewhere, you can share more intimate details with your blog followers that you might not share elsewhere. You can write summaries of your posts and give mini status updates throughout an event.

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See What’s New

You’ll also always see the freshest blog content. If you’ve already read posts from your favorite blogger, the next time you visit bloglovin’ you’ll see only new posts that you haven’t read before.

Wowerz, talk about a nice feature. .

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Activate for Influencers

InfluencerActivate is an interesting part of Bloglovin that allows bloggers to connect with brands who are interested in having their products promoted and getting more attention to their brand.

It’s an easy to use platform that provides not only customer service but resources and support for influencers.

Another good thing about Activate is that it’s been around for a number of years. They’ve had bloggers relying on the platform for years and can consistently provide good service.

Influencer marketing is big business for brands, who find that this is a great way to reach their audience and connect with customers. Influencer marketing helps brands to build trust in their target markets and enables them to better understand their customers wants and needs.

Brands can study interactions with influencer posts to better understand how their customers view their products and ultimately provide better service and products.

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Looking for More Ways to Monetize your Blog?

How I started Monetizing My Blog:

I used to struggle with wanting to blog and not being able to pull enough money out of it to qualify the money I was spending on my blog, but it all started changing this year… What happened was I took alot of time off from Facebook & Twitter and focused entirely on growing my Pinterest Account. While I was doing that, I learned alot of tips and tricks from other bloggers on how to begin monetizing my blog…

And guess what it’s totally possible… In the past few months, I’ve started earning money from my own blog, which is actually pretty exciting since I’ve been making money in the past few months from writing content for other bloggers, but didn’t have much time to devote to my own… Finally, after setting aside time for my personal projects and my professional projects, I’m really learning what it takes to start making money with my blog, here are just a few options that I really highly recommend!

I highly recommend getting started with Gourmet Ads, it’s completely free to sign up, and you can earn money every month with your blog. Gourmet Ads is similar to Google Adsense, but they are a more personalized platform and have an outstanding support team that can help you install your ads and they accept newbie bloggers and bloggers who aren’t newbies but have recently started a new website, like me, plus you can earn $60 per qualified blogger referral! In my first month, I’d already referred 5 bloggers, mainly via Twitter. Another reason I like them is that they allow you to use your affiliate links on social media while some other programs don’t.  I currently have Gourmet Ads on my Blog Treasure Trove Reviews

Another great option MiloTree, not only does it help you to grow your Pinterest and Social Media Accounts, but they pay you $20 per blogger you refer!

I have a full post on Treasure Trove Reviews that you’ll probably enjoy if you are interested learning more about blog monetization, High Earning Affiliate Programs You Can Join Today, in this post I delve more into affiliate marketing and how bloggers can use this to help them generate income

Find out more information on Bloglovin and Activate for Mommy Bloggers and Find Out How I started Monetizing My blog


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