4 Tricks I used for Breastfeeding the Entire First Year

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Keeping up a steady supply of breastmilk can be difficult, but it is not impossible. I was excited to start breastfeeding when I first had my daughter. In this post I’ll tell you 4 amazing tricks I used to breastfeed my baby her entire firest year. In fact, I started breastfeeding right from when she was born. I didn’t experience too much trouble getting my latch correct immediately after my daughter was born. Even though it was pretty painful at first.

4 Tricks I used to Breastfeed The Entire First Year
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In order to keep my breast milk supply steady throughout my daughters entire first year, I used the following methods, you can see them in this video, or if you enjoy reading and want to see the amazing full version, keep reading…

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  1. Increased my water intake and stayed hydrated. One of the most important things I did to increase my milk supply was to stay hydrated. I used some pretty unusual methods to make sure that my body was completely hydrated, including visiting a local drip bar. A drip bar is where they give you IV fluids, usually mixed with vitamin C and other vitamins, to help you achieve maximum hydration. They aren’t like going to the hospital, in fact, they are very plush, usually, they have big comfortable lazy boy chairs, blankets, and hot green tea, while you wait. They also have registered nurses to administer the IV’s so it is safe and you are monitored the entire time. This really helped me maintain my milk supply, especially later as the year went on. Using a water bottle with fruit infusion is another great way to get a ton of important vitamins and minerals, I recommend the Hydracy Water bottle for a good option for infusing different fruits into your water, for maximum hydration. Plus it comes with an eBook with recipes for creating neat vitamin-infused water creations. Hydracy Water Bottle 1
  2. Worked out regularly. I went to the gym or went for long walks with the stroller regularly. I purchased a jogging stroller, which was absolutely incredible for walks to the park and for walking around the mall. I worked at BuyBuyBaby during my pregnancy so I learned a lot about strollers, and the ones that I would recommend are the Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-In-One Modular Travel System which comes with a car seat for baby, it’s a bit pricey, but has everything you need and makes travel and walking easy and fun. MaxiCosie JoggerMy other favorite jogger is the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller, in red. I loved my red baby stroller. It’s nice and bright and made me want to get moving! Jovy ZoomAlso, I love the Jilian Michaels workout program. It lets you workout from your Android or iPhone anywhere anytime. Jilian Michals is so inspirational to me, I highly recommend her program, and you can get a free 7 Day trial when you sign up with my link! She even has a program called Yeah Baby! Which is for expecting moms to be, and guides you through working out through all 9 months of your pregnancy.

    Jillian Michaels Prenatal
    Photo from JillianMichaels.com Yeah Baby! Workout Program
  3. Pumped Extra Milk– Pumping extra milk after I breastfed, helped me to keep my supply high. I used a great double pump which made it quick and easy. I used the Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump. This pump was literally a lifesaver. It was comfortable and helped me make extra milk to add to homemade baby food and save for extra feedings. Find more awesome products available in the shopMedla Breast Pump
  4. Lactation Cookies- I regularly ate lactation cookies to help me increase my milk supply. They actually taste pretty good and are a great treat. Hey, if you are going to have cookies, why not have cookies that will help you and baby right? I would highly suggest grabbing a couple of bags of these to keep around the house to grab when you want a sweet treat. These really help you to keep up milk supply while you’re breastfeeding. I like the Milkful Lactation Bars. They are super yummy and filling too.

    Milkful Lacation Cookies
    Try them on Amazon, then you can set up regular deliveries if you like!

Breastfeeding can be a struggle, but there are some good ideas and tips to get through it, make sure you don’t wear bras that are too tight, eat and drink ALOT, and exercise regularly to help your body improve circulation. Try not to get upset if your milk production isn’t super high, just keep up the pumping and regularly offer your baby milk.

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Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comments that might help others with their breastfeeding journey!

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2 thoughts on “4 Tricks I used for Breastfeeding the Entire First Year

  1. Great post! Some really good suggestions there, some of which I swore by in the early days of feeding my twins too – like a decent pump! I couldn’t have managed without mine. I’d never heard of a drip bar though!

    1. ohh yeah, pumps are amazing. I didn’t have one at first and it was pretty much terrible… lol! I swear by drip bars, I got food poisoning one time, and I couldn’t keep any liquids down to rehydrate, and I was able to make a full recovery in a matter of hours by going to the drip bar and getting fluids quickly, plus they even have anti-nausea medications that they put in there (OTC of course) and it was a total lifesaver…

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