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Bedtime Stories For Brighid is written by Erin Cotter. She is an independent writer and editor originally from Atlanta, Georgia.Bedtime Stories for Brighid Author

Currently, this blog contains 100 bedtime stories, plus blog articles relating to personal development, storytelling, family, and finance. The blog is available on Amazon Kindle, and is a great blog to subscribe to on kindle, because it brings new fiction, interesting articles and bedtime stories. It is the perfect bedside companion.

Erin is actively seeking new writers to feature their fictional works and guest posts. If you are interested in writing for the blog, please email fill out the contact form found on this blog. Erin is especially looking for writers who would like to share fictional bedtime stories.

Erin Cotter is an award-winning professional with experience in many different fields including sales, writing, editing, and customer service. She has been writing professionally for the past 10 years. Her hobbies/passions include fitness and health, interior design, creativity, dance, personal development, cooking, finance, sales and social media.

This blog is a collection of stories written as bedtime stories. The blog started with one bedtime story written each day for her daughter Brighid. It began as a challenge, a part of the #the100dayproject . This is a project that encourages people to make something every day for 100 days and share their makings socially through Instagram.

  • Want to write in? Send mail to Erin Cotter 500 Westover Drive STE 12616 Sanford, NC 27330 United States
  • You can also email erinelizabethcotter@outlook.com
  • Interested in Guest Posting? Great. I love to feature fictional works, bedtime stories, parenting articles and finance pieces, view more information on Guest Posting below.
  • Interested in advertising opportunities and sponsored posts? Please contact me directly via email with more information regarding your brand/collaboration.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines


  • Step One: Please read through a few blog posts and see if your style of writing fits with this blog. Comment on at least 2 posts so I know you’ve done this.
  • Step Two: Decide if you would like to submit a fiction or non-fiction post.
  • Step Three: Decide how long of a post you’ll submit and what rate you’ll charge. If you submit at least 1,500 words, you have a higher chance of being accepted. Fictional Bedtime Stories that are around 500-1000 words are also highly desirable. 
  • Step Four: Please check your work with Grammarly.
  • Step Five: Write a Short Bio to be included on the Website
  • Step Six: Please follow the bedtime stories Pinterest board if you don’t have a Pinterest account just let me know in your email.
  • Step Seven: Send me a quick email once you’ve finished filling out this submission form and just include your topic in the email, I’ll respond if I have any questions. (My email is at the bottom of this page).
  • Step Eight: Share this page via social media i.e. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc, so that others become aware of the opportunity.

I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible regarding your rate, and acceptance, and if you’ll be featured, but it could take up to 2 months for me to get back to you.

By completing this form and including your full blog article the blog owner is under no obligation to accept your work or provide payment.  Only submit previously unsubmitted or unpublished work. All work must be plagiarism free in order to be accepted. Upon submission, you will receive an email if your article is accepted and will receive payment via PayPal if your article is to be published on the blog. If your article is published the blog owner becomes the sole owner of your submitted content. By submitting your content you agree to this. If your rate is unacceptable the blog owner may contact you to negotiate a rate that is acceptable to both parties. If you do not receive an email within 2 months regarding your inquiry, you can assume that your article was not accepted and you will retain full ownership of your content.

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Erin can be contacted through her email at erinelizabethcotter@outlook.com. She encourages others to write stories for their family members and keep the art of storytelling alive!

  • Bedtime Stories for Brighid- You’re here.  This blog is a mommy site that features fiction, non-fiction, parenting articles, fashion and products for mommas.
  • Treasure Trove Reviews– A reinvention of my previous review website I Review This Stuff, Treasure Trove Reviews features fashion, beauty, travel and food posts and reviews some of the hottest products and destinations.
  • Start Making Money Right Now– This is a finance blog that features posts on working from home, income, financial products, and tools to increase your income. This site is currently coming soon and will have a variety of ebooks available to help those looking for ways to increase their income. If you’re interested in joining the Facebook Group- Start Making Money Right Now, everyone is welcome, whether you are a blogger or business owner, unemployed or just looking for some fresh ideas. The facebook group is promotional friendly- meaning you can share pretty much whatever you want in the group, as long as it isn’t mean, racist or pornographic.

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