Zena the Beautiful Bird- A Bedtime Story

This bedtime story is about a beautifully colored bird who lives near a waterfall. The bird is named Zena. This is the eleventh of the original one hundred bedtime stories featured on this website. Once upon a time, there was a very special bird. This bird was so beautiful. It was all different colors of blue and green. The shades of blue and green on the bird’s feather were so… Read More

Sunny Loses Her Favorite Shirt

This bedtime story features a girl named Sunny. In this story, she loses her favorite shirt and her mother surprises her. This is the tenth bedtime story in the original one hundred bedtime stories featured on this website. Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sunny. She was always very happy until one day her favorite shirt was lost. Sunny went into her dresser drawer to pick it out… Read More

Tig and Tilda Save the Jungle- a Bedtime Story

Tig and Tilda Save the Jungle is a bedtime story from the bedtime stories for brighid blog, which features over 100 childrens stories, parenting articles and vacation inspiration.

This bedtime story features two lions who save their jungle from smugglers. This is the eighth story in the original collection of 100 bedtime stories featured on the website. Once upon a time, there was a lion who lived in the jungle. This lion was married to a lioness named Tilda. The lion’s name was Tig. Everywhere that Tig and Tilda went they made friends, even though they were lions. They… Read More

Saving Cookies for Tywalng- Bedtime Story

This is the first bedtime story that I wrote in the original 100 bedtime stories that I wrote for this blog. The following story features a superhero, an animal, and tells of how an old lady saves a town. Once upon a time, there was an old lady who really loved baking cookies. One day she went to the market and there was no flour. The old woman did not… Read More