Sunny Loses Her Favorite Shirt

This bedtime story features a girl named Sunny. In this story, she loses her favorite shirt and her mother surprises her. This is the tenth bedtime story in the original one hundred bedtime stories featured on this website. Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sunny. She was always very happy until one day her favorite shirt was lost. Sunny went into her dresser drawer to pick it out… Read More

Marvelle Learns How To Fly- A Bedtime Story

Mervelle Learns How to Fly is a Bedtime Story in the orginal collection of 100 bedtime stories featured on Bedtime Stories for Brighid, a mommy blog featuring parenting articles, bedtime stories and holiday crafting ideas

There once was a little girl named Marvelle, she was a very special little girl. She had a mom and dad who loved her very much. She was going to learn how to fly. Not every little girl had parents who knew how to fly, but other people’s parents had other special magic abilities like invisibility or being able to jump really high or swim without having to come up… Read More

The Enchanted Dressmakers Dresses- A Bedtime Story

These enchanted dresses take you anywhere in the world, but the dress maker can't figure out where her customers have gone! Read this and more bedtime stories on the Bedtime Stories for Brighid blog.

This bedtime story features a dressmaker who sales enchanted dresses that take the wearer anywhere in the world. Until one day the dressmaker has no more customers… This is the fifth story in the original 100 bedtime stories that were featured on this website. Once upon a time, there was a woman who sold the most beautiful dresses. They were magic dresses. Every time someone put on a dress they… Read More

Saving Cookies for Tywalng- Bedtime Story

This is the first bedtime story that I wrote in the original 100 bedtime stories that I wrote for this blog. The following story features a superhero, an animal, and tells of how an old lady saves a town. Once upon a time, there was an old lady who really loved baking cookies. One day she went to the market and there was no flour. The old woman did not… Read More