The Shoebox that Leads to the End of the Rainbow- A Bedtime Story

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This story features an enchanted, hidden shoebox that leads the finder to the treasure at the end of the rainbow. In this story, a prince sets about to find the treasure for his beloved princess. This is the twelfth of the original one hundred bedtime stories featured on this blog. The Secret Passage to the End of the Rainbow There once was a very special shoebox. Inside this shoebox was… Read More

The Basketball Star Who Met the Prince and Princess

The sotry of the basketball player who gets to meet the prince and princess. Read this and more bedtime stories on the bedtime stories for brighid blog, which features over a 100 bedtime stories, parenting articles and vacation ideas.

Once upon a time, there was an amazing basketball player. She was actually the very best basketball in the whole entire world. One day Prince William and Princess Kate decided to go see her play. She played so well in the game. She made a bunch of 3 pointers, she passed the ball great. Her assists helped her team to win! She was dribbling the ball back and forth down… Read More