The Enchanted Dressmakers Dresses- A Bedtime Story

These enchanted dresses take you anywhere in the world, but the dress maker can't figure out where her customers have gone! Read this and more bedtime stories on the Bedtime Stories for Brighid blog.

This bedtime story features a dressmaker who sales enchanted dresses that take the wearer anywhere in the world. Until one day the dressmaker has no more customers… This is the fifth story in the original 100 bedtime stories that were featured on this website. Once upon a time, there was a woman who sold the most beautiful dresses. They were magic dresses. Every time someone put on a dress they… Read More

Seaweed The Mermaid and Her Friend Waverunner

seaweed the mermaid and her friend waver runner. This story is baout a mermaid that gets lost at sea. From the bedtime stories for brighid blog.

This story features a mermaid named Seaweed who gets lost at sea and tells how her friend rushes to her rescue. This is the fourth story in the original collection of 100 bedtime stories featured on the website. Once upon a time, there was a mermaid who lived in the ocean. Every day she swam around and had a lot of fun. Her name was Seaweed. She had long beautiful… Read More